Top 20 rums in the USA best varieties

Top 20 rums in the USA best varieties

Top 20 rums in the USA best varieties



Last updated November 9, 2023

Lee Miller, Scott Robbins


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Our Ratings are strictly our own opinion and in no way determines the quality of the rum reviewed. We are here to share with you some insight to new rums for you to go out and try for yourself and (hopefully) share back with us your thoughts and opinions(on the rum). Here's to good rum and good times... cheers!

Just Drinking Rum reviews are for the every day rum drinker. We are just two guys who love trying new rums and want to share our tastes with the world. As we take a look at the looks smells and tastes of each rum, we do so as if we are drinking it in our own backyard. The mixed drink portion of the review is done with only a single soda mixer (Pepsi- by Robert & Coke- by Roger) to ensure the value of our review is equal for all reviews. (Some exceptions will apply for certain rums)


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